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“I’m not just giving you a piece of my art. I’m leaving a piece of me etched into your body for the rest of your life. And I realize what an honor that is. I want it to be perfect and stand the test of time.”


Illustrative, bright colors, character creation, imaginative scenes


James Jean, Antiques and Hip Hop


$200/hour is my standard tattoo rate - $250/hour is my rate for cover up work - I book out about 2 months in advance for tattoos but take consultations every week

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Glad to see my style caught your eye.

I’d love to work together to bring your idea to life. I enjoy meeting with potential clients, hearing ideas, and pushing it a bit further to create an imaginative and emotionally charged piece.

When looking for a tattoo artist, you want to make sure that they’re good listeners. That they listen to exactly what you want and are interested in the story behind the tattoo. And that’s exactly how I work. I want to make sure you feel comfortable, and we collaborate together on the best idea.

Let’s meet and discuss your piece. I’ll take a tracing of the body location for size/shape measurements, and we’ll discuss ideas to come up with an interesting layout that flows well with your body, and something you’ll be proud to display.

Once we’ve agreed to work together, there will be a required deposit for your actual appointment, and we’ll get you scheduled. On bigger pieces, we usually start with line work, followed by coloring sessions. Some projects I will draw the design on. Others I will create your sketch a day or two before.

With me, you can expect a good casual conversation. I tend to form relationships with my clients that make for a comfortable experience time and time again. I promise you’ll have a great overall experience.

I’m usually booked about 2-3 months out, but we can have an initial consultation before right away and secure your spot when you’re ready. I guarantee, once we have a 1st appointment date set up, those months will fly by.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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