Matt Heinz

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“When designing my tattoos I dedicate a ton of prep time to create something next level that exceeds all expectations.”


I focus on Illustrative color tattoos. I love neo-traditional, Japanese, and fantasy/video game artwork. I am open to doing small and large designs in many styles.


Medieval Fantasy art, Frank Frazetta, Metal, video game illustrations


$200/hour - currently booking new projects

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Hey, my name is Matt. I’m a San Diego local but live in Seattle. I travel in consistently to work with everyone at Bearcat Tattoo Gallery.

I create illustrated color tattoos—especially anything fantasy or video game related. Witches, wizards, skeletons, suits of armor, weapons, you name it. Basically, anything that is mysterious and interesting. I also like drawing women’s faces, animals, and beautiful floral designs.

My style leans towards Neo-Traditional but I love Japanese and other styles as well. When I create I dedicate a ton of time to my drawings so I can create something next level that exceeds your expectations.

When you book a consult we will set up an in-person or FaceTime meeting where we can talk about subject matter, size, shape, details and more. We will also book your appointment dates. I usually do my drawings during the week of the appointment and I may reach out during that time to make sure all details are ironed out.

I can get booked out a month or two in advance on weekends but usually there is a few spots during each week that I can fit you in.  I look forward to meeting you and doing your next piece!

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