Client Tattoo Experience With Matt Heinz

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Client Tattoo Experience
With Matt Heinz

It’s not just the tattoo, it’s the experience

Clients get tattooed for many reasons. Some people just like to collect the art. Some clients get images to represent something meaningful to them. And some collectors get tattooed because they enjoy the whole experience.

It could be the day spent at the shop with the artist, the travel to a different city to get their work done or even the break in their life just to sit down and have time for their selves.  For many of us the “Tattoo Experience” is just as important as the tattoo itself.

An Inside Look at a Tattoo Session

We filmed and edited a cool video of Matt Heinz and his client Danny O’Carroll. Danny has been traveling in from Florida over the last couple years getting work from Matt. This video shows Danny talking about his experience at Bearcat and some of the interesting details of traveling to get great work. They are in the early stages of his back piece but Danny says its well worth the travel to get amazing work. Check it out below.

A Day in the Life

We hope this was a good look into what its like during a clients visit to Bearcat Tattoo Gallery. This is solid take on the “Day in the Life” of a tattoo session. If you’re inspired by Matt’s work, definitely click below and check out his portfolio.

Thanks for checking out our client experience and we look forward to seeing you at the shop soon.

Click here to see Matt’s work!