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“I believe that traditionally, a tattoo design is meant to have longevity. I am always aware that a design has to withstand aging, so the details should be done well enough that the piece will stay strong through the test of time.”


ornate Japanese/neo-traditional. bold color and lines. large scale tattoo work


Ornate and decorative designs, traditional Japanese and asian art, Tibetan gods and mythology from all cultures



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Thank you for checking out Bearcat Tattoo. I’m incredibly proud of our team here. Each of our artist offers a different perspective and artistic style, which makes Bearcat well versed in creativity.

My personal style is deeply influenced by Japanese art, along with ornamental and adorned creations. My work tends to fall in the ornate Japanese/neo-traditional category, but I draw inspiration from many different styles. I’m very open to anything that covers a large area of the body.

If you’d like me to create your masterpiece, we’ll start with a consultation and talk about your vision. We will brainstorm a little and get to know each other.  During your consultation, feel free to bring in any photos, drawings, statues, pets, crumpled up papers you have been holding onto for years, or any other reference materials to help describe your tattoo idea. For my clients that travel in we usualy use FaceTime for your consultation.

If your project doesn’t quite fit my style, I might recommend one of my other artists for your project. Sometimes one of my colleagues might have a closer expertise to what you’re looking for. I really just want you to have the best artist to bring your idea to life.

I’m a proud father and husband. I started my career as a screen printer and a graphic designer before evolving into tattoo work. I’m also fascinated with oil painting and love when I get time to capture my art on canvas.  I’m always exploring new directions in oil, so I’d love to hear your commission ideas as well.

Right now I take on about 30 new projects each year and usually start within 6-8 months for all large projects, but fear not—it comes up quick!

I absolutely recommend doing your consultation as soon as you can. I do consultation appointments every week and you can secure your appointments at that time.

I require a $400.00 deposit for all large-scale work.  Your deposit goes towards your tattoo during your final sitting.

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