Preparing For Your Tattoo Consultation

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Alright you’ve booked your tattoo consultation! Congratulations on making the commitment. Let’s get you prepared to meet with your artist with these four main things you need to know for a great consultation.

1. Good references are very important

Do some research on the imagery you would like. Is it a realistic piece? Is it more traditional with outlines? Or maybe you’re not sure but open to ideas.

As artists we can draw inspiration from the images and references you bring us. Start a collection of pictures that will help you convey your idea to us. You can have pictures of other tattoo styles, or pieces you’ve seen that have qualities you like. You might find the color you like in one picture and the shape in another. Bring both!

Feel free to email us beforehand with the images or bring them on your phone. We’ll start an image file for us to draw inspiration when we design your tattoo.

You can bring actual objects as well, whether it be a statue, a model, a replica or even your pet. (assuming its not a horse)

2. Familiarize yourself with your artist’s style

Every artist at Bearcat Tattoo Gallery is proficient at clean and solid tattooing. Each tattooist also specializes in certain areas of tattoo design.

We artists have a vision of where we would like our art to grow. If you are open and giving us some artistic freedom we will be able explore new ideas and concepts within the area our personal artwork is evolving to. We definitely keep your concept and idea as our main focus, and if allowed to add our own energy to it, you will absolutely receive an amazing and original tattoo.

3. Understand that not everything is possible or will look good as a tattoo

Many times we will suggest a design to be larger or simplify some of the elements to create a perfect piece. Keep an open mind and trust that we will give you professional advise to make sure you have all the information to make the best possible decisions about your tattoo.

4. Don’t forget your deposit!

Our artists are busy and we keep it professional. To ensure your spot on the calendar we always require a deposit of $200-400 depending on your artist. We definitely prefer cash but do accept cards as well.

Booking your tattoo consultation is the first step to an amazing tattoo journey. You are welcome to email or call us any time with any questions. We look forward to getting to know you and your tattoo ideas. See you soon!

The Bearcat Family

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