“I give 120% effort in all my work from a large piece to a small name tattoo.”


Illustrative Photo realism in color and black & grey


Family, co-workers and fish


My hourly rate is $300 for standard tattoos

My coverup rate depends on each projects difficulty.

I prefer to do 6+ hour days but I still can book a 4-6 hour spot for you

candle tattoo
fish tattoo
watch skull tattoo
Galaxi tattoo
sunflower tattoo
crane tattoo
day of dead tattoo
lion tattoo
teeth tattoo
mask tattoo
shark Tattoo
beach tattoo
Octapuss tattoo
bobafett tattoo
owl tattoo

Hello, I’m Isaac Aguila  I know I'm suppose to put a compeling story about how I became interested in art, but from what I can remember as a kid growing up, all I did was draw rather then do my school work. From this day I still don't know how I graduated school. It's almost laughable really when I think back to all my teachers saying "stop drawing its NEVER going to get you anywhere" hmmmm. Well I think I proved them all wrong by doing what I love to do, art. Other than tattooing I love painting with different mediums like oil, watercolor, airbrush, etc. I enjoy studying art such as neo-classiscism and renaissance paintings. lastly, but most important I love spending time with my three girls. I have two daughters and an amazing wifey. Without them I wouldn't have pushed myself as much as I have. Everyday I learn something new and push my limits to different realms. From every tattoo I do, I see it as a challenge to both complete the tattoo and make my clients happy at the same time. Oh yeah, BTW if you're thinking of a gift I'm really into ninja turtles... Just kidding, but no really I love the ninja turtles.

I hail from El Cajon, Ca and I’ve been tattooing for over 10 years. I specialize in illustrative and photo realism in color and black & grey. I have been known to dabble in a little neo traditional, traditional and coverup work. I feel very well rounded and am open to many styles.

When we work together we'll start with a consultation and I'll ask you to provide me with some photos for ideas and inspiration. We'll get a plan together based on your concept and tattoo placement, lock in your appointment date and be ready to rock out.

I generally book 3-6 months in advance.