Tattoos are Essential

Sierra ColtArtist Words

I’m going to go out on a limb here and just say “Tattooing is Essential!” Maybe it’s not comparable to eating food or necessary medicine but to many of us it’s almost as important. The bond we have with tattoos and the process of getting them pairs with the necessary human interaction created in the environment of a tattoo studio.

A Painful Day Spa

Sierra ColtArtist Words

A Painful Day SpaAn Interview With Sierra Colt Sierra opens up some discussion about the self care of getting tattooed. He talks about how a tattoo appointment with him is just like a painful day spa that ends with the same euphoric effect. Here is a montage of pictures and video accompanying the interview for an exciting and interesting piece …

Long Hair Tattoo Artist Matt Heinz

It’s For Life

yobartoArtist Words

Matt Heinz has been skillfully tattooing art-loving clients here at Bearcat Tattoo Gallery since 2013. He sits down talks tattoos and the life style with our homies The Longhairs on their podcast Let It Ride.