Vietnam tattoo for vet

An Honorable Tattoo

Sierra ColtClient Experience

As tattoo artists we push and progress our art and tattoo design work everyday. We have breakthrough pieces and epic pieces that we are incredibly proud of. Sometimes though it’s the smaller more meaningful tattoos that we experience the most pride and accomplishment in.

Client Experience With Katie Brunacini

BearcatClient Experience

Client Experience Featuring Katie Brunacini Getting tattooed by Nate Check out Nate Anderson’s client Katie Brunacini and her tattoo day at Bearcat Tattoo Gallery. Nate and Katie have been working on this epic sleeve and will finish it up later this year. This video gives an inside look at Katie’s tattoo day with Nate. She shares some of her highlights …

Client Experience With Justin Duplantier

BearcatClient Experience

Client Experience Featuring Justin DuplantierA Tattoo Body Plan Here is a Client profile spotlight with Justin Duplantier. Watch Sierra Colt prep and tattoo Justin as they continue to work on their tattoo body plan. Sierra recently finished his sleeve and they are now flowing it over onto his chest. Justin has some great insight and perspectives on his tattoo experience …

Client Experience Featuring Dustin Kasnick

BearcatClient Experience

Client Experience Featuring Dustin KasnickA Tattoo with Isaac Here’s a video of Isaac Aguila and his long time client Dustin Kasnick. They have did many projects together over the years and today they’re working on a monster front panel. Dustin talks to us about the highlights of his tattoo day and shares his experience with us at Bearcat Tattoo Gallery Check out more of Isaac’s work …

Client Experience Featuring Johnny Bass

BearcatClient Experience

Client Experience Featuring Johnny BassA Tattoo with Sierra Every experience at Bearcat is unique to each client and is always fun and creative. This video features Sierra’s good client Johnny Bass. They’ve logged many hours together on his tattoo collection. The relationships that get created between artist and collector truly shows in this video. Thank you Johnny for your dedication and positive energy that comes through …