INK FUSION – 4 artists collaborate on 4 tattoos

Bearcat Video


This is a innovative tattoo project by Bearcat Tattoo Gallery. We take 4 artists 4 brave clients and do a full collaboration. We start by filling a hat with tattoo ideas. Each artist draws 3 ideas out and creates a loose sketch for their client. The tattooing begins with each artist doing a soft outline in their own booth. After one hour all the artists get up, change gloves and sit down in the next tattoo station with the next client. We repeat this every hour until we end up back on our original design. Final touches and were done. A true on skin tattoo collaboration. We captured this Ink Fusion on video and have plans to do many more in the future. Big thanks to the artists Allonzo Villa, Chad Whitson, Sierra Colt, and guest artist Greg Bartz. An even bigger thanks to the brave clients Matt Heinz, Dan Marganski, Nima Etemadia, and Eric Scott Curtis. Produced by Eric Lingle of